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This hare is cautiosly hopeful that you might give him a new home.


Let the nature in! This freehand painting brings forth a stream-of-consciousness rendition of enchanting nature creature. Painting is made with acrylic on canvas and it is coated with clear acrylic paint, giving it a bit more strucure while still allowing raw canvas to be visible and painting to be flexible.This one-of-a-kind art piece is handmade in Finland. The painting comes without frames and can be framed or left to hang as is, giving you more variety on hanging options. The edges are sewn and painting also includes a rod pocket at the top and bottom, where you can add a hanging rod according to your desired hanging style and wall material.


Please note that the hanging rod is not included.

Hare Painting on Canvas

660,00 €Price


  • Height: 101cm
  • Width: 79cm



  • Acrylic on cotton canvas with silk gloss finish


Handmade in Finland by Johanna Luusua


Please note that the Paintings are handmade one-of-a-kind art pieces that can have uneven painting surface or other irregularities.

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