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STUDIO QQU is a creative art house based in Finland. Inspired by Nordic nature and other curious things, our aim is to create carefully crafted unique textile art, paintings and posters to elevate your space.

Textile art

Soft and cozy art makes your home feel instantly warmer. Currently STUDIO QQU designs and creates both Wool Rugs and Felt Wall Hangings. Pieces are created with care and an effort to use recycled and waste material from other works as much as possible. 


Bring a little bit of nature to your home. In STUDIO QQU unique paintings you can find interpretations of Nordic nature and its creatures. Each painting is a unique work of art, so there is no other exact copy or reproduction of the painting.


From STUDIO QQU poster selection you can find variety of designs to uplift your space and decor. Collection includes modern travel posters, nature themed designs and other curious things. Posters have different size variations to better suit your needs and are printed on a premium paper to ensure quality.

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